Schedule Commands

resticprofile accepts these internal commands:

  • schedule
  • unschedule
  • status

All internal commands either operate on the profile selected by --name, on the profiles selected by a group, or on all profiles when the flag --all is passed.


resticprofile --name profile schedule 
resticprofile --name group schedule 
resticprofile schedule --all 

Please note, schedules are always independent of each other no matter whether they have been created with --all, by group or from a single profile.

schedule command

Install all the schedules defined on the selected profile or profiles.

Please note on systemd, we need to start the timer once to enable it. Otherwise it will only be enabled on the next reboot. If you dont’ want to start (and enable) it now, pass the --no-start flag to the command line.

Also if you use the --all flag to schedule all your profiles at once, make sure you use only the user mode or system mode. A combination of both would not schedule the tasks properly:

  • if the user is not privileged, only the user tasks will be scheduled
  • if the user is privileged, all schedule will end-up as a system schedule

unschedule command

Remove all the schedules defined on the selected profile or profiles.

status command

Print the status on all the installed schedules of the selected profile or profiles.

The display of the status command will be OS dependant. Please refer to the examples on which output you can expect from it.