Installation from source

You can download the source code and compile it, it’s actually very easy! all you need to have on your machine is:

  • git (with git-bash on Windows)
  • go compiler
  • GNU Make which is installed by default on many unix boxes. On debian based distributions (Ubuntu included) the package is called build-essential.

To compile from sources:

git clone
cd resticprofile
make build

Your compiled binary (resticprofile or resticprofile.exe) is available in the current folder.

To install the binary in your user path:

make install

To build all common platforms (build-mac, build-linux, build-pi & build-windows):

make build-all

Alternatively, a go-only build (without GNU Make) is accomplished with:

git clone
cd resticprofile
go mod download
go generate ./... 
go build -o resticprofile .

The build step go generate ./... installs additional binaries and into $GOPATH/bin. See generate.go, Makefile and go.mod for details on additional dependencies.