mac OS X

Installation with Homebrew

There’s a homebrew tap for resticprofile:

brew tap creativeprojects/tap
brew install resticprofile

You can also install restic at the same time with --with-restic flag:

brew install resticprofile --with-restic

You can test that resticprofile is properly installed (make sure you have restic installed or the test will fail):

brew test resticprofile

Upgrading resticprofile installed via homebrew is very easy:

brew update
brew upgrade resticprofile

The resticprofile command self-update is not available when installed via homebrew.

Installation via a script

Here’s a simple script to download the binary automatically. It works on mac OS X, FreeBSD and Linux:

curl -sfL | sh

It should copy resticprofile in a bin directory under your current directory.

If you need more control, you can save the shell script and run it manually:

curl -LO
chmod +x
sudo ./ -b /usr/local/bin

It will install resticprofile in /usr/local/bin/